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7ft 125g Softie Reef
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Name7ft 125g Softie Reef
Size125 Gallons
Live Rock150 lbs +
Power Head(s)Koralia 6, Koralia Evo 750 x2
Protein SkimmerCoralife 220
RO/DI System25 gpd Coralife
Lighting Schedule12h actinic 10h daylight
InhabitantsFISH: Naso, Hippo, & Sailfin Tangs, Coral Beauty & Rusty pygmy angels, 2 Ocellaris Clowns, Longnose Hawkfish, Yellow Watchman Goby, Fiji Blue Damsel, Lawnmower Blenny. INVERTS: Coral Banded Shrimp, green Bubble Tip Anemone, lots of hermit crabs, snails.
FiltrationGrape Caulerpa, extra live rock in sump
Lighting36" 4 bulb -T5 Coralife fixture, 36" 4 bulb - T5 Aquaticlife fixture
Temperature78 - 300w Hydor THEO heater
DecorHubby painted background on, faded blue to black
AccessoriesTwo Little Fishies Phosban reactor, UV Sterilizer
FoodPE Mysis, New Life Spectrum pellets, Nori sheets for tangs
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