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What use to be My Angelfish Tank
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NameWhat use to be My Angelfish Tank
Size55 Gallons
C02 SystemNone
FertilizerFlourish root tabs and Flourish Comprehensive
Inhabitants5 Angelfish, 2 Bamboo shrimp, and 3 Otos catfish.
FiltrationEhiem 2213
Lighting2 48" GE Daylight 6500k T8 bulbs
Bunch of live plants that include Amazon Sword, Wisteria, Anubias, Jungle Vals, Pygmy chain sword, and some different varieties of small swords that I have since forgotten the names of! LoL
Accessories250 watt heater
From Boredomb on 09/06/13
Thank you aussieJJDude!
From aussieJJDude on 09/06/13
Wow, looks like it came straight out of heaven!
From KatSea on 03/25/13
From Saphira101 on 12/27/12
awesome tank! I love how many plants it has. I'm jealous :)
From Boredomb on 03/16/12
Thanks Bigcarl! To answer your question as to why so little fish. Well I know that Angels can get big when they mature so I was leaving sufficient room for that. Also I am going to get some corydoras once the tank is well established.
From bigcarl on 03/16/12
Beautiful tank, I love angels too. I can't wait to get my tank. I hope you don't mind me asking why so few fish in such a big tank? Carl Carl
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