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Glass filled with water.
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NameGlass filled with water.
Size60 Gallons
C02 SystemRed Sea CO2 Bio System (currently not on)
FertilizerFlourite substrate and floura tabs, Also Liquid plant food.
Inhabitants3 Female Guppies, 3 male Fancy Guppies. 8 Ghost shrimp.

7 Marimo Balls. 3 Anubias. 2 XL dwarf Grass, 18" x 18" Java Moss, 2"x2" Flame moss on the root.
Filtration2 Cascade 600 canister filters with spraybars.
LightingFlora-gro something or other.
DecorA tree root and a hollow log thingy.
AccessoriesI have 2 air stones in there for now, just because I don't feel it's planted enough for the guppies to not need aeration.
FoodBrine shrimp, Tropical fish crisps, I forget the name and am too lazy to get up and look.
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