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SubstrateArgonite Sand
Size55 Gallons
Inhabitantsorange ryukin goldfish, redcap oranda goldfish, black oranda goldfish,
FiltrationAquaClear 70 (x2)
Lighting6500k T8 18" (x2)
water sprite,
amazon sword,
AccessoriesBubble stone, fake stem plants, 200w heater
FoodHome made gel food with treats of fresh veggies and fruit
From djembekah on 04/14/13
Sweet babies!!! You've gotta get video, and add Ponyo to the list of inhabitants!!
From Chesh on 11/25/12
I love them, I do :) It's a really pretty, simple layout - with happy little fishies. Still love the pic of the little one keeping himself company in the 'mirror' Glad he has a buddy now! :)
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