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Koi pond
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NameKoi pond
Size0 Gallons
Inhabitants(intentional) 6 adult koi, eastern mosquitofish, snails
(unintentional) frogs, salamanders, caddiflies, dragonflies, anything that finds its way into the water really.
LightingIt's outside...
Foodfloating fish feed (high protein in summer; high carb in fall and spring), cheeros as a treat
From fashionfobie on 02/07/13
Lovely Koi!
From boxercrazy156 on 11/11/12
Wow love your Koi pond I have a gold fish pond outside we can't keep Koi because the Blue Herons eat them every once in a while they clear out out pond have been able to keep the fish for the last 3 years though
From Assault0137 on 10/28/12
where do you get your mosquitofish? beautiful pond
From Chesh on 09/02/12
I don't know if I've ever mentioned the fact that I'm in love with your pond, so please allow me to do so - Izzy? I love your Koi Pond. It's absolutley beautiful. One day I hope to have one of my own and would be thrilled if it were nearly half as nice as yours :)
From DragonFyre14 on 08/30/12
I hope to get a pond like this once I get my own place. very pretty :)
From Pearl2011 on 07/13/12
I've been tyrin g to convince my parent to get a pond. Not working. I WANT YOUR POND!!
From Tikibirds on 05/06/12
very nice!
From aunt kymmie on 10/23/11
Beautiful. I wish I had this pond in my backyard!!
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