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40 gallon Acrylic
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Name40 gallon Acrylic
Size40 Gallons
InhabitantsAngelfish (4)
Pepper Cory (6)
FiltrationEheim 2215 w/ Spraybay
LightingAquasun 2x T5HO suspended above tank

PAR=55 @ surface, 32 @ substrate
DecorAmazon Swords

Rotalia indica
American Val
Cabomba spp.
American Val.
Dwarf swords
Malaysian Driftwood
Clay Flower pot
AccessoriesAqueon heater 100w
FoodFish: Flakes, Brine shrimp, Bloodworks, Zucchini

Plants: Flourish comp, root tabs
From silvershark on 11/15/13
very nice set up, pleasing to the eyes
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