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Spoon's 55
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NameSpoon's 55
Size55 Gallons
Inhabitants1 DD Black Angelfish (male of pair)
1 Marble Angelfish (female of pair)
2 Silver Angelfish
1 Sunset Angelfish
1 Green Cory
2 Albino Corys
FiltrationEmperor 400
Whisper 1
Lighting48" Flourescent
DecorFake Plants
A fake frog
Accessories1 air stone
FoodAngelsPlus flakes
frozen brine shrimp
freeze dried bloodworms
From willow on 06/06/10
really lovely tank,and the fish are beautiful.
From Spoon on 05/05/09
Thank You! Yes, they are angelfish. I have 4 in this tank, 3 in my 30G, and 2 in my 29G
From parakeeto225 on 05/04/09
i like the appearance of your fish =] are those angel fish?
From veganchick on 03/15/09
Looks great so far! any stocking ideas yet?
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