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Size27 Gallons
C02 SystemYes
FertilizerSome liquid chemistry from polish producers (micro and macro)
InhabitantsEtroplus maculatus x6
Colisa lalia x4
Betta imbellis x1
Paracheirodon innesi x16
Corydorus paleatus x3
Corydorus julii x3
Hyphessobrycon pulchripinnis x5

Snail Brotia Pagodula x1
Shrimp Atyopsis moluccensis x4
Shrimp Caridina multidentata x10
Shrimp Caridina cf. babaulti x20-30
FiltrationExternal cascade - Aquael FZN-3 9,8W
Temperature77 oF / 25 oC Aquael Heater 150w
DecorPlastic background imitating black rocks, black basalt
AccessoriesKoralia Nano 500 - Circulatio pump, CO2 test
From Kelly100 on 11/19/12
OH MY GOSH..... BEAUTIFUL photography !! But, I guess it's kinda hard to take bad pictures of such beautiful fish !! The pic with the Betta and the Neons is absolutely gorgeous !!!
From Clubber on 07/15/12
Wow beautiful!
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