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Kevin McAuliffe
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NameKevin McAuliffe
Size0 Gallons
InhabitantsDamsels Clowns Coral Beauty, Chromis, various invertebrates
Filtrationprotien skimmer. Ehiem canister only with floss,,,,and a 30 gallon refugium with fiji mud red mangrove and varios marine plants
Lighting48 inch Aqautic Life t-5... 6 bulbs
Temperaturetoo f%ckin high,,,,,radiator is behind tank,,,never used a thermometer,,,I need a Chiller if anything temp is lingering at top of safe zone, but a very strong currentI believe helps
DecorLive sand,,,live rock,,,few plants
AccessoriesUV for 125gl
Foodbrine shrimp, and sinking pellets
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