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Freshwater #1
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NameFreshwater #1
Size15 Gallons
Inhabitants1 German Blue Ram
1 zebra danios
2 Jap Alg Shrimp
1 spotted cory
2 spotted snail
1 Zebra Snail
1 albino cory
Filtration10 gal hob
30 gal hob w/bio cubes
Lighting floral bulb
Decor4x4x4 inch red rock, texas rock, drift wood, 1 cyperus, 4 spiralis, 4 dwarf baby tears patches, and
1 Amazon Sword
Accessories50watt heater

100watt heater (needed to raise temp to 88F for ich cure)
Foodomega one flake
hikari Algae Wafer
shrimp cuisene
hikari Micro Pellets
Brine Shrimp pellets
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