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20g planted
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Name20g planted
Size20 Gallons
C02 Systemchemical co2 reactor(yeast/sugar)
Fertilizerapi roottabs
Inhabitants8 black neon
2 blue neon(part of a group of fish given to me)
anamo shrimp
2 bamboo shrimp
3 bronze cory
Filtrationbuilt in 6000lt hr filterwith multiple sponges,ceramic tubes and bio balls
Lighting10000k single bulb
Temperaturenormal tropical
Decorlocal flint rock,small chunk of bogwood
Accessoriesco2 diffuser
Foodfrozen alternated with hq flake and live when avalible
From Erin8D on 05/23/11
This makes me smile!
From willow on 10/15/10
if i was a fish,i would love to live there.
From HollyinWA on 01/27/10
Beautiful and peaceful looking tank! Great job!
From aunt kymmie on 09/07/09
Beautiful tank. Your plants look fantastic!
From daisycutter on 04/23/09
its the divider wall between the tank and the built in filter i still may make a mosswall to hide it
From Byron on 04/23/09
Very nice aquarium, well done. What is the background, it appears to be inside the tank?
From SamG on 04/21/09
Neat tank!
From daisycutter on 04/13/09
mostly crypts and some pinky colored stem plant the amazon sword is now gone as my anamos had developed a taste for it,picking holes in the leaves so i moved it elsewere
From Blaxicanlatino on 04/13/09
aWow nice tank. what kind of plants?
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