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Guppy Tank
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NameGuppy Tank
SubstrateArgonite Sand
Size55 Gallons
FertilizerAPI Leaf Zone aquarium plant food
Inhabitants3 pepper cory's, 2 common pleco's , 1 albino cory, 1 female betta splendid, 12 fancy guppies, 14 cardinal tetras, ghost/glass shrimp.
Filtration1 powerhead with sponge
Lighting1 48" strip light with 2 32W 4100K bulbs
(Will upgrade bulbs next chance I get)
Temperature75 F
DecorLava rock, driftwood,
Plants: Moneywort, Anubia Barteri, Dwarf Sagittaria, uknown grass plant, peacock moss, Wendetti
FoodTetramin Tropical Fish Flakes, Hikari tubafex worms (treat), shrimp pellets (3X weekly), Hikari algie waffers (2X weekly).
From coydog429 on 06/27/12
Thank you Clubber =)
From Clubber on 01/25/12
My favorite planted guppy tank!
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