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Trial and Error
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NameTrial and Error
Size20 Gallons
C02 SystemNone
FertilizerFlourish Comprehensive
Flourish Root Tabs
Inhabitants6 Serpae Tetras
4 Bronze Cory
3 Oto Catfish
~3 Ghost Shrimp
Malaysian Trumpet Snail
Blue Mystery Snail
FiltrationAir Powered Sponge Filter
LightingTwo custom high power 5665K LEDs. Approximately 1400 lumens.
Temperature76 degrees F
Decor3x Amazon Swords
Java Fern
Anubias Nana
Bacopa Carolina
Cryptocoryne Undulata
Brazilian Pennywort(Floating)
Giant Marimo Ball
Red Tiger Lotus
Dwarf Water Lettuce
Ceramic Turtle
Fake Sand Castle
African Mopani Driftwood
AccessoriesFloating Thermometer
Stick on Thermometer
100W AquaTop Submersible Heater
FoodNew Life Spectrum
Omega One Sinking Shrimp Pellets
Frozen Brine Shrimp
Frozen Blood Worms
From beetlebz on 02/15/12
lookin fly buddy
From Geomancer on 02/14/12
From Inga on 02/14/12
Not only a lovely aquarium but lovely job on the pictures as well.
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