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Captian's Window
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NameCaptian's Window
OwnerTetra Guy
Size20 Gallons
C02 SystemN/A
FertilizerSeachem's Flourish: Comprehensive liquid fertilizer
InhabitantsAngelfish(1), Congo Tetra(1), Neon Tetra(5), Lemon Tetra(6), Pristilla Tetra(1), Silver Tip Tetra(1), Head & Taillight Tetra(1), Ghost Glass Fish(3), Painted White Skirt(1), Gold Barb(2), Cherry Barb(3), Cherry Barb Veil Tail(4), Clown Pleco(1), Rosy Barb(1), Albino Red Tailed Shark(1), Albino Cory Catfish(1) White Cloud Minnow(3), Molly(2), Marble Hatchet Fish(2)
FiltrationNiagara 110 External forced filtration system
Activated Carbon
Temperature78-79 Degrees
DecorBog Wood, 1 piece/ Rock
AccessoriesAir Stone (used for emergencies only)
FoodFlake food/ Frozen baby brine shrimp
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