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tank #1 gouramis
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Nametank #1 gouramis
Ownerj dizzel
Size40 Gallons
C02 SystemDIY CO2
Fertilizerroot tabs / PPS pro fertilier system
Inhabitants( 4 ) 3" opaline gourami (1 male, 3 female) / (1) siamese algea eater / (1) bristle nose pleco / malaysian trumpt snails
Filtration 1 ati hydro V sponge filter / small air stone
Lightingzoo med aquasun t5 ho 36" with 24w 10000k and colormax bulb / fixture suspended from ceiling
Temperature78 degrees with 40% water change every 7 days
Decorpennywort floating plants / 2 small clay pot wrapped in java moss / java ferns on wood / ( 1 ) amazon sword / ( 3 ) savannah root center pieces
Accessoriessubstrates: 50\50 mix of caribsea flora max and topfin black gravel / aqueon glass top / aqueon pro 150w heater / tetra whisper 60 air pump / 1 hagen mini elite filter for DIY CO2 system
Food hikari frozen foods / beef heart, brine shrimp, earthworm, and egg flake food / new life thera plus a 1mm pellets
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