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Size25 Gallons
FertilizerSeachem's Flourish Plant Supplement
Inhabitants1 mollie
3 Glow light Tetras
5 Fancy tailed Guppys(2 males, 3 Females)
7 neon tetras
FiltrationAqua Clear 30 Hanging Filter
Lighting2,15 watt Life-Glo Mini Compact Fluorescents
UVB high output
Temperature75 F
Decor1 Hygrophila Corymbosa
1 Onion plant
1 Water Sprite
1 Rubin Sword
1 Brazilia sword
2 Amazon Swords
4 Java Ferns
2 Anudias
some java moss
1 large rock
2 smaller rocks
1 large piece of mopani wood
Accessories1 air pump with air stone
Elite Heater with themostat
FoodFlaked food
Blood worms
Algae wafers
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