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First Tank
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NameFirst Tank
Size55 Gallons
InhabitantsLots.. 2 black ghost knifes, 1 clown loach, 3 pleckos, 2 parrot fish, a bunch of African ciclids, an electric blue crayfish, 4 ropefish, 2 catfish, 1 bala shark, probably more.
FiltrationFluval 305
Lighting2 florescents that came with the tank.. Sorry.
Temperature82* F
DecorSome fake plants, a couple fake rocks, and a holey rock.
AccessoriesHeater, a couple powerheads, under-gravel filter,
FoodDry tubiflex worms, bloodworms, regular flakes, some sinking pellets, and some algae discs.
From corry on 06/29/11
Tank looks great, nice and colourful! what rock are you using, I've been told you can only use a slate rock as the others muck up the ph???
From fish fan on 07/24/10
Great tank! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with a busy 55 gallon tank.
From ToMoBoBo on 03/17/09
Thanks. My crayfish is my favorite, sadly he likes to hide out a lot. I should get him a buddy.
From Mike on 03/16/09
Great looking tank! I love the electric blue crayfish and the rock work!
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