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jewel 125 litre
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Namejewel 125 litre
Size33 Gallons
InhabitantsI have:
1 blue dwarf Gourami
1 male betta
1 female betta
5 black skirt tetras
11 neons
2 rummy noses that shoal with the neons
1 small angelfish
a bala shark
2 pakistani loaches
1 penguin tetra
2 male and 4 female guppies

Filtrationjewel rio 125 filter system
Lightingjewel rio 125 lighting system and bulbs
Temperature26 oC
Decorlarge half shell, bridge ornament, driftwood and large stones
Foodhikari tablets, flakes and daphina
From MidnightBaelfire on 10/16/09
beautiful tank!
From Xiles on 10/09/09
You keep a male and a female betta together? o:
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