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65 gallon
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Name65 gallon
Size65 Gallons
Inhabitants- Marbled hatchetfish
- Brown-tailed pencilfish (Nannostomus eques)
- Cardinal tetras
- White-finned rosy tetras (Hyphessobrycon rosaceus)
- Kuhli loaches
- Stiphodon Elegans Goby
- Farlowella acus
- OHMPK dragon Betta
FiltrationEheim 2217
Lightingdual-fixture T5 HO,
(1) 36" 39W T5 HO 6000 K Lamp
(1) 36" 39W T5 HO 650 nm Lamp

- mesh is taped onto the plastic facing of the light to lessen the intensity for the fish.
Decordriftwood, rocks
AccessoriesSubstrate is:
"Mesh" - a larger sand/smaller gravel mixed with Flourite.
FoodMicropellets, flakes, variety of frozen, variety of live, veggie wafers, shrimp pellets, occasional blanched zucchini etc.
From arnoldrew on 08/31/13
Beautiful tank.
From FrightyDog on 08/23/13
From Jayy on 04/26/12
Very nice setup!
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