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Former 75g Cichlid
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NameFormer 75g Cichlid
Size75 Gallons
Inhabitants5 x Yellow Labs, Acei, Rusty, Cynotilapia Afra(Mara Rocks), 3 BN Plecos.
Filtration1 X Rena XP4, Fluval FX5
Lighting48" LED
DecorRocks and a few live plants
FoodDanichi Cichlid formula, Brine shrimp, NLS Cichlid pellets
From Destinystar on 05/06/13
Beautiful tank and fish Taz !
From Olympia on 08/17/12
Oooouu! I love what you did with the substrate!!
From Chesh on 06/21/12
Ahhhh. . . it's PRETTY! I love all the color!
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