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Community #3
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NameCommunity #3
Size55 Gallons
FertilizerSeachem products
InhabitantsAssorted Livebearers-Yellow Glass Belly Guppy, Blue Grass Guppy, 7 Mixed Platies, 1 Orange Swordtail, 1 CT FEMALE Betta, 1 Albino Ancistrus, Ghost shrimp, Pond/Pest Snails.
LightingTwo low level T-5s.
DecorPlanted Driftwood, artificial "sunken log" with fake AND real plants attached to it. Aponogeton and Hornwort hideaway.
FoodAbsolutely anything, this tank is exclusively female (except the inverts, of course) and these ladies love to eat. Flake food, mini-pellets, brine shrimp, FD Tubifex, Betta pellets, graze on natural algae, daphnia, whatever else I find to feed them.
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