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Eight 20 Gallon Tanks
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NameEight 20 Gallon Tanks
Size20 Gallons
FertilizerSoil under Sand
InhabitantsFour 20L-One is growing out Cream and Mixed color Lyretail Mollies
One is newly planted and will be empty for a few more weeks.
One is currently holding some Showa Swordtails that were recently purchased and not doing so hot.
One is currently holding a Female Blue Snake guppy and her most recent drop.

Four 20 Regular- Two are holding more Showa swordtails, I have them seperated until they are healthy.
One is holding two fry from some GloFish that spawned-they are too small to be put anywhere else yet.
One is empty, but that will be soon be holding some RREA/Koi crossed swords that are coming to me.
FiltrationSponge filters
DecorPlanted with Cabomba, Valisneria, Hairgrass, two kinds of Ludwigia, plus the requisite duckweed.
FoodThese guys prefer the meaty foods, so I try to accomodate.
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