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Four 30 Gallon Tanks
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NameFour 30 Gallon Tanks
Size30 Gallons
FertilizerSoil under Sand
InhabitantsOne 26 Gal, currently holding a Half Black female guppy, waiting for her drop. Only has one strand of Wisteria and a few snails.
Three 30 gallon-Two are empty and waiting for the Red Tuxedo Lyretail Swords that are coming in the mail.
One has two Anchor/Stone catfish in it. Not quite sure what to do with them...
Filtration26G-HOB filter
30 Gallons-doubled sponge filters.
LightingShop lights and regular aquarium lights, you'd be surprised what you can actually grow...
DecorPlanted with Valisneria, Ludwigia, some moss and hornwort starts
FoodTrying to get the Catfish to eat, they won't take anything prepared, so I guess I need to get a new culture of daphnia...
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