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Feeder Tank
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NameFeeder Tank
SubstrateBare Bottom
Size40 Gallons
InhabitantsVaries, this is my "cull" aquarium, I put fish that don't fit into my program in it until I can sell them. Mostly deformed or really poorly colored fish. Right now it's empty of culls, just has some fish in QT-Gold Dust Mollies, Assorted color platies, and there were some guppy fry in there, but I think they were eaten...
FiltrationHOB BioWheel filter rated for 75 Gallons, since at times this tank is technically overstocked.
LightingRoom/ambient light
DecorFake "sunken log". After I add a light, I will be adding a few plants, sometimes females drop fry after being added.
FoodFlake food, whatever else I'm feeding that day. Just because I'm not breeding them doesn't mean they don't deserve to be happy. One man's junk...
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