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Gourami tank
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NameGourami tank
Size10 Gallons
C02 Systemnone
Fertilizerflourish comprehensive
Inhabitants1 Dwarf Gourami, 2 glass shrimp(Guy, Louis), 12 Cherry shrimp, 7 Red Phantom Tetra, 2 Oto cats
FiltrationAquaClear 20
Lighting15 watt Fluorescent
Temperature78 F
Decor1 sunken ship, 1 Boat steering wheel, 1 turtle statue, java fern, moss ball, java moss, Cabomba, Anubais nana
FoodNutrafin Max: tropical fish flakes, bloodworms, Hikari: shrimp cuisine
From aussieJJDude on 07/06/12
Love the glass shrimp. they seem to blend in with the gravel
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