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40 Gallon
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Name40 Gallon
Size40 Gallons
FertilizerSeacherm Flourish
InhabitantsStock -

Blue Gourami (Skyline)
Granite Marble Angelfish (Raoul)
Female Apistogramma Trifasciata
Siamensis Algae Eater
Starlight White Beam Bristlenose Pleco
4 Otoinculus Catfish
4 Penguin Tetras
However few RCS that are left
Millions of Malaysian Trumpet Snails
A couple of Ramshorn Snails

Planned -

Male Apistogramma Trifascatia. Maybe another female to make it a trio.
6 more Penguin Tetras to make it a complete 10
Various Nerite Snails
Bamboo Shrimp

Plants -

Pygmy Dwarf Chain Sword
Jungle Val
baby Amazon Swords (I think...)
Some kind of bulb plant
Water Wisteria
Rotala Indica
Bacopa Australia (the ones on the far left)
Java Ferns
Windelov Ferns (Lace Java Fern)
Japanese Marimo Moss Ball
Water Lettuce (Those are the floating plants)
FiltrationMarineland Mangum H.O.T. hang-on back canister filter
LightingGLO T5 HO single flourscent light. It has a 39 watt T5 bulb that's at 6700K. 36" long.
Temperature78 F
DecorFour Mopani driftwood
Two pots, one sawed in half
Wrecked vintage car
Blue and white sand substrate
Accessories45g Fluval heater
Humorous warning sticker
FoodAqueon Shrimp Pellets, Aqueon Tropical Flakes, Hikari Bio-Pure Frozen Bloodworms, and Hikari Sinking Algae Wafers. Very occasionally a small piece of veggie.
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