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community tank
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Namecommunity tank
Size40 Gallons
Inhabitants1-Leopold Angelfish
1-Pink Kissing Gourami
1-Gold Gourami
1-Blue Crowntail Betta (Male)
1-Red Betta (female)
1- Dalmation Molly
2-Comet Goldfish
4-Sunburst Platy
6-Black Skirt Tetra
FiltrationMarineland-BioWheel Penquin 200
LightingCustom made lighting
DecorLots of colorful plants, DIY rock maze
AccessoriesDIY tank stand with shelf for storage
FoodTropical Flakes, Betta pellets and Bloodworms
From FishyFishy89 on 01/21/13
WWWWWAAAAYYYYY overstocked! Get rid of those goldies! Male and female bettas shouldn't be kept together. Once those are gone I'm sure your tank will be stocked okay.
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