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80 gallon planted.
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Name 80 gallon planted.
Size80 Gallons
C02 SystemNo
FertilizerOsmocote,flourish comprehensive, Eco-complete.
Inhabitants25 neon tetra's,five flame tetra's,Fifteen Harlequin rasboras,eight beckford's pencil fish,ten blue emperor tetra's,eight white cloud minnows,seven Schwartz corydoras,one long finned albino bristlenose,one bolivian ram,three otocinclus,trumpet snails.
FiltrationEheim 2217
Lighting 3x32 watt T8 6500k bulbs on for eight hours.l
Temperature75 degrees
Decor Sword plant (echinodorus rubin),anubia,leopard vals,penny wort,crypts (parva,bronze),,water sprite,aponogeton crispus.
AccessoriesKoralia II for surface skimming and circulation.
Food Variety of foods.
From dramaqueen on 03/09/10
Very nice tank!!
From willow on 09/27/09
this really caught my eye,i think it'sreally nice.
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