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Beginning Tank
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NameBeginning Tank
Size29 Gallons
Inhabitants2 mystery snails, 1 lyretail dalmatian molly, 1 honey sunset gourami, 1 golden gourami, 1 dwarf gourami, 1 powder blue gourami, 1 platinum gourami, 2 opaline gourami, 2 angel fish, 1 peppered cory catfish, 2 albino cory catfish, 1 unknown cory, 2 angel fish, and 7 zebra danio.
Filtrationwhatever external filter came with the kit I bought.
LightingFlorescent light attached to the hood.
Temperaturearound 78-80 F
Decor2 ceramic goblets, resin mountain cave aquarium piece, small Chinese dragon bubbler, river rock, and several live plants.
FoodFlake for most and veggies for the snails.
From Kelly100 on 09/14/12
BEAUTIFUL TANK !! I love the dragon and the way you have the black rocks leading over to him. I bet you have a HUGE amount of poop with all those gouramis ! I have a 29 gallon also, with only 2 gouramis and every time I look at the tank, they have a long poop line travelin behind them ! hahaha
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