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Community tank.
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NameCommunity tank.
Size75 Gallons
InhabitantsThree clown loaches,three yoyo loaches,one Electric blue dempsey,one snowball pleco,one bristlenose pleco,one spotted raphael.
FiltrationTwo Emperor 400's With Aqua clear Powerhead.
LightingNatural indirect daylight from north facing window.
Temperature80 degrees
DecorLarge driftwood pieces, Flagstone and slate along with river stones to create caves. Artificial plants.
FoodFrozen Krill. Chopped Earth worms,Cichlid crisps, Blood Worms, Alage wafers,Cichlid Attack pellets,Ocean Nutritions Formula One flake ,New life spectrum med fish formula,spirulina pellets,spirulina based brine shrimp.
From aunt kymmie on 01/31/11
I didn't know you had added to loaches to this tank. Nice! I know pictures aren't "your thing" but I would love to see pics of this tank. Pretty please?? ;-)
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