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south american chichlid tank
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Namesouth american chichlid tank
Size55 Gallons
InhabitantsRed Oscar, Albino Oscar,Jack Dempsey, Pleco, Electirc blue crawfish, Two black convicts.
Filtrationtop fin 60 gallon filter.
Lighting2 hoods with flourescent lightbulbs.
Temperature76-84 degrease F
Decorplastic plants(thinking of changeing to real plants), driftwood.
Accessories60 gallon tetra air pump with two air hoses.
Foodhikari chichlid gold baby pellets, Crickets, mealworms, Veg, friut, Plankton, bloodworms,
From Oscarfish789 on 02/01/12
i am well aware that they get that big and i will be moving the convicts to a different tank.
From Philnominal on 02/01/12
Hey just a heads up, each one of your oscars can grow to 14 inches... Tank looks great but youd prob need a bigger tank for one alone. Let alone 2 with tank mates.
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