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Max's Aquarium
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NameMax's Aquarium
Size50 Gallons
C02 SystemNone
FertilizerAPI Leaf Food and Seachem Flourish.
Inhabitants10 Red Belly Piranhas, 10 Serpae Tetras, 1 Clown Loach, 1 Rhino Pleco, 2 Mystery Snails, 1 Black Ghost Knife
FiltrationFluval 206 and Aquaclear 110
LightingFull Spectrum
DecorVariety of live plants
Accessories1 piece of Malaysian Driftwood.
FoodAlgae Pellets, Sinking Fish meat Pellets, Tropical Fish Flakes, Blood Warms, Beef Heart, Guppies, Serpae Tetra fins.
From Adamson on 05/24/12
Actually got rid of the Red Bellies when they hit about 3". Right now in this tank I have an African Rope Fish 10", a Senegal Bichir 8", a BGK 5-6", and some random red0minor tetras. In my 29 gallon tank I have a 4.5" Black Rhom though! I am moving tonight/over the weekend so I will try and have new pictures soon.
From Termato on 05/23/12
How are the red bellies doing!?
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