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Fluval Osaka 155
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NameFluval Osaka 155
SubstrateCrushed Coral
Size127 Gallons
Live Rock16kg
Power Head(s)2x Tunze 6015 nanostream
Protein SkimmerDeltec MCE300
RO/DI SystemDD 50GPD RO unit
Lighting Schedule1 hour moonlight, 10 hours full daylight, 2 hours moonlight
Dosing Schedule15% weekly water changes
Top Off SourceReefloat R10
InhabitantsWatchman goby pair with pistol shrimp
3 blue eye cardinalfish
possum wrasse
green striped coral goby
leopard toby puffer

tuxedo urchin
sand conches

lps, sps and soft corals
Filtrationlive rock, Seachem Purigen, Seachem Phosguard, floss
Lighting4x 24W T5 Korallen Zucht bulbs
Temperature25 degrees
Foodmixed enriched frozen foods, flake, nori
From willow on 03/10/15
hey it's beautiful :-)
From aussieJJDude on 12/20/12
From ReefTrooper on 08/13/12
WOW!! *Jaw drops open* Amazing!!!
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