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Juwel Vision 180
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NameJuwel Vision 180
SubstrateCrushed Coral
Size127 Gallons
Live Rock18kg
Power Head(s)Koralia 4
Protein SkimmerDeltec MCE300
Lighting Schedule1 hour blue moonlights, 10 hours full daylight, 2 hours blue moonlights
Dosing Schedule15% weekly water change, daily dose of Korallen Zucht Concentrated Amino Acid drops
Top Off SourceReefloat R25
InhabitantsBlue Cheek Goby, Skunk clownfish, Coral Beauty dwarf angelfish, Starry Blenny, Jewel wrasse, tuxedo urchin, mythrax crab, blue knuckle hermit, various snails, soft and leather corals, lps and sps corals
FiltrationLive rock, Sechem Purigen, Seachem PhosGuard
Lighting6x 39W T5 Korallen Zucht bulbs
Temperature25 degrees
FoodMixed enriched frozen foods, flake, nori
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