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Size20 Gallons
C02 SystemNone
Inhabitants1 Red Sunset Gourami, 6 Neon Tetra, 2 Juii Cory, 2 peppered cory, 6 cloud minnows, 2 golden mystery snail, 1 red wagtail platy, 2 otocinclus
FiltrationMarineland penguin 115
Lighting15W CFL on timer 8 am to 7pm
Decor5 rocks, decorative shells, 2 small amazon swrods, 1 medium sword, 1 bunch cabomba, 2 wide leaf sag, 1 penny wort, java moss, anacharis
Accessoriesheater (part of the kit)
FoodTropical flakes, dried blood worms, hikari sinking wafers
From FishyFishy89 on 11/30/13
wrong picture? cause this has 3 goldfish. not what is listed.
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