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Size125 Gallons
C02 SystemNone
FertilizerFlourish Comprehensive
Flourish Root Tabs
Inhabitants5x Angelfish
10x Marble Hatchetfish (planned)
10x Diamond Tetra
10x Harlequin Rasbora
5x Julii Cory
6x Pepper Cory
3x Bronze Cory
5x Otocinclus
2x Bristlenose Pleco
FiltrationAquaTop CF-400UV
Live Plants
LightingDual 48" T8 6500K
Dual 24" T8 6500K
Temperature78 Degrees F
DecorMalaysian Driftwood
Microsorum pteropus
Ceratopteris thalictroides
Cryptocoryne crispatula
Cryptocoryne wendtii "Green"
Cryptocoryne wendtii "Red"
Cryptocoryne wendtii "Florida Sunset"
Cryptocoryne spiralis
Echinodorus amazonicus
Echinodorus cordifolius
Echinodorus tenellus
Echinodorus osiris
Echinodorus martii
Sagittaria platyphylla
Anubias hastifolia
Anubias coffeefolia
Anubias afzelii
Rotala Wallichii
Rotala Rotundifolia
Red Tiger Lotus
Accessories2x Floating Thermometer
2x 300W AquaTop Submersible Heaters
FoodTropical Flakes
Sinking Shrimp Pellets
Algae Waffers
Frozen Brine Shrimp
Frozen Blood Worms
From LadyKeiva on 12/04/12
This tank is absolutely gorgeous =O
From Geomancer on 07/09/12
Thanks! The swords were old leaves from the store, they're mostly gone now.
From Chesh on 07/09/12
The tank is just stunning. . . amazing how quickly everything is growing in. Nice shot of the diamond. I love those fish!
From rhymon78 on 05/24/12
yeah man, looking sick! those water sprite are huge eh??!
From rhymon78 on 05/03/12
see your getting the yellow/brown spots on the swords eh? I had terrible with mine! tank looks awesome, can't wait to see it properly established!
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