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Size60 Gallons
Inhabitants16" Pleco, 8"Pleco, 2 swords, 3neons,2 orange eye tetras, 2 danios, 3 bioengineered danio/coral, three gouramis," hand raised".
FiltrationS-Line suction/blow undergravel filter with bio substance, 2 lift tubes for undergravel ph,biologics control;Standard TopFinTwin60
LightingOne GE AquaRay15WattF15T8ARFS
ONE F15T8SP35(for the plecos)
Temperaturecurrently at 80 egrees
DecorCurrently removed. Lapis Lasuli, Nevada Sandstone, Nice 10"Petrified rock, chew tree Plecos, Big loose airstone for Plecos to play with, back of tank strip airstone, four airpumps,Partially Buried plastic plants
AccessoriesOne air run sponge bio filter
FoodTetraflakes, Hikari Algae Wafers, occasional zukini slice,occasional tubifex worms
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