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Think Tank(s)
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NameThink Tank(s)
Size0 Gallons
C02 Systemnone
Fertilizerseachem flourish, root tabs
InhabitantsThese are my ever-shifting QT tanks. They house all new arrivals (both plant and animal), and are sometimes used to care for sick babies in need of extra TLC.
Current Pics include:
20L Jelly Bean Tetra (Ladigesia roloffi ) QT, 10g &3g Dwarf Kuhli Loach (pangio cuneovirgata),
10g snail QT
10g African Dwarf Frog QT

*most residents have moved on. . . and the tanks shift still! ^_^
Filtrationvaries by tank
Lighting varies by tank
TemperatureDepends on the tank, and the needs of it's current inhabitants! >.
DecorDepends on the tank, and the needs of it's current inhabitants! >.
Accessorieswater. lots and lots of water. . .
FoodDepends on the tank, and the needs of it's current inhabitants! >.
From willow on 12/21/13
wish i had a camera like yours,great pictures :-)
From Chesh on 11/03/13
Wow... that took well over a year - and this isn't even half of it >.< But?! HUZZAH for PICTURES!!! lol. . .
From Chesh on 06/20/12
I'll see what I have in my computer. I'm in the process of sorting and organizing millions of pictures... and you know, this tank isn't exactly aquascaped - it's totally random at the moment! Changes constantly!
From Termato on 06/04/12
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