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Angel Paradise
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NameAngel Paradise
Size75 Gallons
C02 Systemnone
Inhabitants1 pearlscale smokey angelfish
1 silver angelfish
1 ghost silver angelfish
1 golden angelfish
2 female blue gouramis
1 male blue gourami
1 bulldog pleco
5 albino longfin bristlenose plecos
2 amano shrimps
6 rosy barbs
5 albino cory cats
Malaysian Trumpet Snails
FiltrationSunSun HW-302 Canister Filter
Marineland Penguin 350
Lighting2 48" 32W T8 florescent
Decormopani driftwood x2.

Live plants:
Java Moss
asian water grass
water sprite
red tiger lotus
Willow Java Fern
Various Crypts
Ruffled sword
Val grass
AccessoriesPowerhead rated for 30 gallons to defuse my CO2
FoodAqueon Tropical Fish flakes
frozen Bloodworms
Frozen brine shrimp
fresh veggies
frozen plankton
frozen veggie mix
From Gilljay on 01/31/14
Love the jungly look - like a tropical river bed.
From aussieJJDude on 12/10/13
Looks great! Love all the angels :)
From littleswimmers on 11/21/13
Awesome setup!
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