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Tank #4 Angel fish
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NameTank #4 Angel fish
Ownerj dizzel
Size55 Gallons
Inhabitants6 Philippine Blue Angel Fish
FiltrationFluval 406 canister filter / with 2' spray bar
LightingMarnineland Aquarium Hood with 84 White and 6 Blue LED Lights
Temperature83 degrees / 40% water change weekly
Decor4 Plastic Ambulia Plants / 2 Plastic Red Lugwigia Plants / Broken Clay Pot
AccessoriesSubstrates; Gravel / 200 Watt Aqueon Pro Heater
FoodHikari Frozen foods / Flake Food / New Life Thera Plus a Pellets
From LADY K on 09/16/12
beautiful tank. are they really fake plants?
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