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10G Quarantine
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Name10G Quarantine
SubstrateBare Bottom
Size10 Gallons
Inhabitants1 Male Bolivian Ram
FiltrationAqua Tech 5-15 Power Filter
Lighting2 7W (330lumens) 6500K Daylight Bulbs
Temperature79 degrees F
Stock Water Heater
Alcohol and Mercury Thermometer
DecorRiccia and Duckweed
Accessories2 Caves
FoodOmega One Flakes
Freeze Dried Shrimp, Bloodworms and Daphnia
From Termato on 06/11/12
Thanks Carl! I just finished rescaping my 5 gallon and have some extra black sand I am going to throw in there too. I am hoping it will give a little more contrast in the substrate.
From bigcarl on 06/09/12
WOW I love what you did with the white and black gravel. It looks absolutely awesome. BTW all your tanks look awesome. Carl
From Assault0137 on 05/17/12
i would buy a 20 long but they dont come with the light and cover, just the glass tank. i wanted to start a guppy only tank
From Termato on 05/16/12
I got it as a start up kit from PetSmart. You can find a 10 gallon start up kit for like $35-$40 at walmart. I remember the stocking you had and I think you would like a 20 Long better. I found my 20 Long on craigslist for $15! I love that tank although we keep a snake in it right now lol. Thanks btw!
From Assault0137 on 05/16/12
where did you get the tank, cost, etc. good tank!
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