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200 gal planted
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Name200 gal planted
Size127 Gallons
Inhabitants15 roselines sharks, 6 sae, 9 tiger barbs, 6 neons, 6 silvertips,1 udc,12 rummy nose, 100+ golden clams, 1 bamboo shrimp, 2 blue vampires, 2 blue crayfish, 12 chocolate rabbit snails. misc plants
Lighting2, 6x39w t5 ho with integrated timers
Decorplants, driftwood, rock
Accessories10 lbs co2 with auto ph monitor. 2 red sea reactors and one diy reactor. inline chiller, 3 fluval e300.
From stetez on 12/17/12
amazing tanks
From stetez on 12/17/12
amazing tanks
From Kelly100 on 07/04/12
holy lord, that's a HUGE tank !! I LOVE it !!!
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