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10 Gallon Community
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Name10 Gallon Community
Size10 Gallons
Inhabitants1 Male Guppy (since December '11), 2 Female Platy (since June '12), and 5 Lamb-Chop Rasbora (since February '12)
FiltrationTopfin Power 20.
LightingInadescent Bulbs.
DecorSilk Plants, Large Cave, No Fishing Sign, Muskoka Chair, Black Blue and Yellow Gravel, Blue Green and Black Rocks .
AccessoriesHeater, Filter, Hood.
FoodTetraMin+ Tropical Flakes, Aqueon Tropical Flakes and Topfin Freeze-Dried Bloodworms
From MaisyDawgThirteen on 05/20/12
Thanks. I've taken out some of the more colourful plants and replaced them with green realistic looking plants. I plan to switch over to live in the future. :)
From Assault0137 on 05/19/12
i like darker plants because they make the fish seem more colorful in contrast
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