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29g Becoming 3/2012 *CLOSED* upgraded to 55g
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Name29g Becoming 3/2012 *CLOSED* upgraded to 55g
Size29 Gallons
FertilizerFlourish Comprehensive Supplement (Seachem)
InhabitantsAlice, C.Cat, Hattie, and Liz - Bolivian Rams

Winkin', Blinkin, Nod, Flotsam & Jetsam - Kuhli Loaches

Dalmation Mollies pending move into harder water live-bearer tank.

Mayla Verde - Blue Apple Snail

Stripe - Zebra Nerite Snail

Oliver, Twist, and their baby brood - Malaysian Trumpet Snails

Tribble the Marimo moss ball (Chladophora aegagropila) and his mini sidekick Trouble (Moss-balls are people, too!)
FiltrationTetra Whisper 45
Lightingsingle Life-Glo 2 20w fluorescent bulb
DecorTahitian Moon Sand substrate, Manzanita Driftwood, plants including:
Anacharis (Egeria densa)
Anacharis narrow Leaf, (Egeria Nanas), Java Fern (Microsorum pteropus)
Lace Java Fern (Microsorum pteropus 'Windelov')
Pigmy Chain Swords (Echinodorus tenellus)
Crypts (Cryptocoryne Wendtii)
Fanwort (Cabomba caroliniana)
African Water Fern (Bolbitis heudelotii), Italian Vals (Vallisneria Spiralis)
floating Water Sprite (Ceratopteris thalictroides)
floating Water Spangles (Salvinia Minima)
Marimo moss balls (Chladophora aegagropila)

Accessoriesdiamond earrings and a tiara. Of course ;)
FoodNew Life Spectrum Cichlid Pellets, plus a mix of fresh veggies and fruits, frozen brine shrimp, blood worms, mysis, krill, etc.
From willow on 09/28/13
The photography is as lovely as the aquarium and it's inhabitants.
From Aqua Hound on 09/24/13
This tank is beautiful. Very nice scape!!
From wake49 on 07/26/13
Absolutely stunning!
From SeaHorse on 09/26/12
Breathtakingly beautiful!! I love the snails!!
From LADY K on 08/30/12
beautiful,simply beautiful
From Chesh on 08/20/12
Thanks! I love my stick ;) It's a Manzanita branch, I had my LFS order it for me, but I've since gotten other pieces for other tanks online. Beautiful hardwood, nice and rooty looking :) I love my black sand, I do, but yeah - EVERYTHING shows up against it, and it's hard to keep clean. With gravel, poo sinks into the substrate, not with sand, plus tan on top of black *GAH!* Still, it's been good for me (beginner) to be able to see where my filtration is lacking - it tends to collect in one area of the tank. There are enough plants to kind of 'hide' the yuck between water changes, and things will be MUCH easier once the super-pooper Mollies are out of that tank :)
From Kelly100 on 08/20/12
where did ya get the huge beautiful stick ? That black sand looks amazing with all your green plants ! How does poops look against the black sand ? Are they real noticeable ? :-)
From Chesh on 08/17/12
*blushes* You ARE too sweet! Thank you! Photography of fish tanks. . . I have no idea, every once in a while I get luck :)
From Kelly100 on 08/17/12
how in this WORLD do you take such GREAT pictures of your little guys and their aquariums ? Yet another BEAUTIFUL aquarium !!
From Chesh on 08/15/12
Thank you, Joe! It's my baby :)
From Joe1985 on 08/15/12
wow... what can i say, this is outstanding!! looks really REALLY good chesh :)
From Chesh on 08/02/12
Thanks, Phil *blushes*
From Philnominal on 08/02/12
Holy crap, I'm jealous.
From Chesh on 06/22/12
Thanks! This is *technically* my first tank, and I'm REALLY proud of it, and in love with all the creatures who live here!
From bakecw001 on 06/22/12
This is awesome man! The tank has really cool color contrast!
From Chesh on 06/20/12
I really love snails, too. But my water is too soft for them, so I won't be getting anymore. Maybe when I finally get my hard water tank set up for the Molly family!
From Termato on 06/20/12
Godly Snails! Love em. :D
From Chesh on 06/20/12
I actually have, but I'm lovin' the *smidge* of color that the red/orange is adding. I think it'll look great when/if my Tiger Lotus grows in. The PCS are doing GREAT, runners EVERYWHERE! I'll keep you in mind - as soon as I get enough to fill in the other tanks as I want them, I'll send you some over. Promise! :)
From Termato on 06/04/12
Hey Ches, have you ever thought about a blueish tint rock for this tank? btw, how are the Pigmy Chain Swords growing? I really wanted some of those. If ever have extra!!! hahah
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