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Juwel Rekord 800
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NameJuwel Rekord 800
Size29 Gallons
Inhabitants7 x glowlight tetra
2 x zebra danio
5 x leopard danio
2 x red ballon platy
2 x tuxedo platy
4 x botia kubotai
3 x pepper cory
FiltrationJuwel biofilter 400 system
Lighting2 x 18 watt jewel tubes
1 warm light
1 day light
Temperature25 - 26 degrees c.
Decornatural gravel, assorted rocks, mopani wood, various live plants
Foodflakes, frozen daphnia, sinking pellets.
From Chesh on 06/21/12
You KNOW I love your tank, but I thought I'd come on here and tell you again! Really enjoyed the video - you tank was so different back then, trim and tidy - I can't get over the LACK of plants!!! I prefer the lush jungle of a tank you have now ;) Great work, man!
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