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Main Aquarium
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NameMain Aquarium
Size59 Gallons
Inhabitantspleco, 2 polypterus', 2 dojo loaches, 2 pearl danios, Garra rufa, whiptail catfish, banjo catfish, glass tetras, porthole catfish, dragon goby, bumble bee goby, CAE, 2 Unknown loaches, 2 silver hatchets, rosy barb, albino corries, silver hatchet, pearl gourami, kissing gourami, blind cave tetra Ect
FiltrationTetra PF10, Spong filter
TemperatureTropic temp
Decorrocks, Pipes, castles.
FoodOmega one freeze dried- brine shrimp. tubifex worms, mysis shrimp.
Omega one flakes- Kelp flakes, "first flakes, goldfish flakes.
Omega one pellets- Chiclids pellets, gold fish pellets (Sm, Lrg), Surper coulor pellets.
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