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nickles paradise lake
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Namenickles paradise lake
Size29 Gallons
Fertilizerflourish excel
Inhabitants1 metallic blue fancy fantail male guppy
1 electric blue male guppy
4 electric blue female guppies
2 pleco
2 pepper cories
2 silver tip tetras
1 cardinal tetra
2 ottos
1 black swordtail female
4 ghost shrimp
4 cherry shrimp
4 spiral snails
2 round snails

ies3 femail guppies
Filtrationaquatech 20-40
Lightingzoo med tropic sun daylight 5500k flourescent bulb
Temperature76 degrees
Decormondo grass
java moss
peacock ferns
plastic tree
drwarf hair grass
Foodhikari micropellets
algae pellets
shrimp pellets
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