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Long bodied fish
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NameLong bodied fish
Size59 Gallons
InhabitantsDragon goby name-Hydro
Polypterus SS name-polterguist
Polypterus SS (albino) name-phantom
Gold Dojo loach name-Dojo
Dojo loach name-Dojist(xD)
2 khuli loaches name-Khulio sqaud
Twig catfish name-Twiggy(obvious name)
FiltrationSponge filter, Tetra EX
LightingREALLY CRAPY Turtle bulbs
Temperaturein-between tropical temp'n'Cold water temp
DecorChuck norries backround, Long rock chinese dragon
Accessories3 air pumps(1 for sponge filter 2 for double bubbler.)
FoodTetra sinking Granules.
Omega one small sinking Super color cichlid pellets.
Omega one freeze dried Nutri treat:Brine shrimp.
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