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main DT
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Namemain DT
Size39 Gallons
C02 Systemdiy 3 litre co2 generator
Fertilizeraquatic peat
Inhabitants16 ish White Sailfin Molly's
16 baby White Sailfin Molly's
14-16 neon tetra
8-9 Apple Snails
3 golden weather Loach
2 Silver Sharks (Balla)
2 glass cat fish
2 clown loach
Filtration7O liter sump for bio filtration with 28OO liter an hour uplift pump which returns about18OO liter an hour directly into the sump for extra nitrification and to reduce the load on my pump
Lighting3.5 FT day light tube 40watt
Temperature25.3 degrees centigrade AVRG
DecorBright red gravel
8 plants
bridge and a ship
Accessories8 inch air stone
FoodFreshly Self Grown Brine Shrimp
High Quality Flake (VEG & Algae)
From madyotto on 08/29/12
looking good now then
From Assault0137 on 05/19/12
what kind of eggs?
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