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55 Planted
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Name55 Planted
OwnerWhite Shark
Size55 Gallons
C02 SystemLiquid and low pressure canister.
FertilizerFlourish-excel, Flora pride,Kent Black-water extract
Inhabitants8 Rummy-noses,6 Angels,6 otto cats,bristle-nose pleco pair,clown pleco, nerite snails.
FiltrationFluval 304, Rena XP2.
Lighting48" generic 216 watt t5 HO freshwater. Could be better but it gets the job done.
Temperature80 degrees
DecorLive plants include several species of Anubis, octopus plants, broad-leaf amazons,banana plants,java fern, java moss etc. Bog-wood( Mopani wood) and black pebbles for effect. Classic jungle rock background flat finish.
FoodNew life Spectrum, tetra-min pro, tetra color enhanced. Frozen brine, blood worms. Algae wafers and and bi-weekly cucumbers offered to the plecos.
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